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Eco-friendly living, what is it, why should you care, and how do we get started? Thats what you will find all about in this post, please, rest your feet on something comfy, and lets dive in!

You are here because you, like us, have heard of all of the changes to our environment and to our world. The poles are melting at an alarming rate, and some even say that this is past the point of no return, they will melt completely in the next 10 years. There are massive islands of plastic floating around in all of our oceans and corals, bees and other insects are dying. All in all – we need to do something. 

We completely agree – we ALL need to do SOMETHING. But what should we do to stop the climate change? What changes do we need to make? And how do we make them while still living our normal life? 

We believe that we can still turn this around, and you are important in that journey! Thank you for joining us in this quest for a cleaner, greener world. 

We are just ordinary people, just like you, wanting to change our habits and our ways to not make as much of a negative impact. Actually we don’t do this because of the gloom and doom. We do this because we want to leave the world a bit better than how we found it, and we want to be able to look our kids in the eyes when they grow up and say that we did our best to change our habits and to be part of the solution. You can read all about us here.

What is eco-friendly living

Eco-friendly living, Zero waste living, eco-conscious living, sustainable living –  you call it what you want. To us eco-friendly living it’s a way of life. It’s a way to reduce your impact on the world. At the same time we’re not looking for solutions that take you to the extreme. We want every day solutions that if we all make those changes it will have a significant impact on our world.

To us eco-frindly living is about mindful consumption first. Start thinking about what you use, and how you use it.

If you’re looking for solutions that will reduce your waste to be able to fit into a glass jar for a whole year of waste for a family of six you need to look elsewhere. We are all about small but significant changes to change to our everyday life, that makes less carbon impact on the world.

Some people believe that if you don’t to do everything it doesn’t matter. If we don’t come together and all of us contribute, then it wouldn’t matter.

There are plenty of examples from around the world were small communities have done a major difference. Even to your local ecosystem you can be the change. And even if the only thing that you do better is that you and your family are more healthy than we definitely think it’s worth it.

How to get started with eco-friendly living

We suggest that you have a good hard look around your house and look where you’re consuming a lot. We all do it, please don’t feel bad about consuming, because that’s the way the world has been.

Now there’s a need for a change we’re here to help you with it and we’re doing it right alongside with you. Have a look around you what are you using are you using plastic bags then maybe this is the place where you can find an alternative.

Maybe your kids have a lot of plastic toys and for every Christmas and birthday they get even more plastic toys that would also be a place where you could start.

Maybe you have red meet most nights of the week, and you could swap some of those meals for a simpler meat, or even a meat free meal.

But how do you start living a more eco-friendly life? You start by finding alternatives to the things that you consume a lot off. While that is not the answer you were looking for, the answer is inside you. Ask yourself what things you are spending on autopilot. Before we started our journey to become a carbon neutral family, we did many things because that’s “what you do”. A great start to eco friendly living is having the conversations about how you consume.

And then you start Living more eco-friendly by a mindset change. You need to stop consuming. You need to not only find alternatives, but you need to start looking at where you can stop consuming. Maybe you don’t need new clothes. You might not need to use detergent. Maybe you don’t need that extra toy- i’m not the judge of you seriously we consume a lot too but we all need to look around us and see if there are places where we can stop.

Tips for the eco-conscious beginner:

The most important thing is not to get stuck on details. Whatever you do today for greener world tomorrow it’s a step in the right direction.

Look around your house and identify plastic items. Do you need them? If they fulfill a purpose that you really need, great! Try and look for a plastic free alternative. But don’t just rush out and buy the alternative use your plastic thing until it’s broken. You need to stop consuming new things but for sure use up the things you already have.

Start changing the way you shop. Think about seasons, and how far your food has travelled. Shop local, shop organic, eat less meat there are plenty of things that have a big impact starting today.

To us, that has meant buying new Band-Aids that are better for the environment. Buying new sponges for cleaning, producing our own soap, baking more bread, making our own tea and growing more of our own seasonal vegetables.

Not all of these solutions will be right for you, but maybe some things will inspire you to do more of your own things. As I mentioned. The important thing is that you start the conversation and that you making choices about what things are important to you, and what things are okay that you find an eco friendly alternative.

Questions we get about living a greener life

How can I live more sustainably?

Well, just the fact that you ask that question, is a sign that you are well on your way, because it starts with that! Make small changes to your everyday life, you will be suprised of how much this will change your impact. Start by being consius about your choises, and say no to non-sustainable things.

Think about your lifestyle choises, such as clothes, travel, housing, car-usage. If you fly less, drive less, or eat less meat, those are all things that will impact the environment enormously.

Why is sustainable living important

Its the only way that we will ensure that there is a world for our children. Easy as that!

How to make your home more eco friendly

Take a look at your habits and how you consume today. And turn down some of the big carbon sinners: Change to green energy on your power bill. Cut back on eating meat. Change from dryer to hang drying. Buy second hand. Start a compost bin. Change to green cleaning materials.

Its all in the conversation. Stop allowing the “usual” and start thinking about alternatives.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about eco-friendly living

You can make a massive difference in the future of our planet, just by making good choices. We here at A Hygge Homestead are here to support you, and we lift our hats to you for making a difference. 

Lets grow this movement one tiny change at a time! You are a big part of this my friend! What ever change you make, make it count – we believe in you and you are awesome for doing something to change the fate of our planet!

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