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As the 2010’s draws to a close we have looked each other in the eyes and we believe we need to make a change. We have looked at the state of the world and felt useless- for a while. The conversation about “something” that needs to be done to save the planet, and the environment is growing ever louder. Yet solutions about WHAT can actually be done seems to be less and less. We want to do “something” but that something is not defined. There is a need to make a change, but still unsure what that change might look like. We want a change towards a more sustainable life.

But like my best friend says “you Danes don’t do nothing by halves” and she is quite right.

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We are going all in! At the end of December 2019 we looked at each other and said- what if we reduced our carbon footprint to zero? We have decided to become a carbon neutral family – by 2030.

ecofriendly products, such as glass, linen bags and sustainable strings

How do you become a carbon neutral family?

Now we have the goal- it’s crystal clear. Woop – we are excited about it for sure! Our very big dilemma is HOW on earth will we do that?

We are inspired by people that go zero waste, or grow all of their own food. We watch with awe as demonstrations for the environment is taking place.

That doesn’t help in our own, day to day way of life, though.

We have been overwhelmed- because how do you get there? It seems that everyone started out 3-4 years ago- and now it’s impossible to follow. A zero waste life, or carbon neutral life, seems SO far away.

We still overspend and over use. Probably NOT leaving the world a little better than how we found it. We live a plastic filled- full of waste life. We think about global warming and life- but we also own two cars and buy cheap when we can.

Get realistic about our carbon footprint.

First we need to know that state of things. We will look into our spending at the moment. This requires open eyes, and an honest view of the way we live our lives.

I know it doesn’t seem like big action, but becoming aware of what you are spending, will make you look at everything differently.

Take the easy wins to get your family carbon neutral

While we will keep educating ourselves for weeks still, there are a few things that can be done from day one.

  1. Using our dryer less. As a large family with 4 kids we have A LOT of laundry. One of the big things we are guilty of, is using our dryer ALL the time. This is an easy change – we hang dry everything!
  2. Driving less. We drive to school, because its cold and inconvenient to take out the bikes. That is an easy change – we now bike to school!
  3. Buy less. Sometimes we see small plastic things in the store, and its tempting to buy because it only cost very little money and the kids stops asking for things. That is an easy change – we think again before we buy anything.
  4. Utilize our compost. Instead of throwing food in the garbage, we started a compost bin in the garden.
  5. Recycle clothes and buy second hand clothes where it makes sense. Having 4 kids, we already use a lot of hand me down clothes. When we buy new clothes, we buy quality pieces that can be passed on to the next child.
  6. Start saying no. We have stopped getting advertisements in the mail and just simply say no at events when people wants to hand us little things.

Make a small change in your life towards a sustainable life.

Changing our life to a carbon neutral life is something we will do this for our own benefit only- with zero blame and zero pointing fingers at doing things another way. This will be a 10 year journey of how to make zero carbon imprint as a family of 6.

We have been inspired by so many other people over the last few years. We don’t know where this goal will take us, but we invite you along for for it, from the very first step!

Hopefully this will inspire just ONE person to make a change in SOMETHING in their own life. If this one person is you – WOHOO!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! <3 We believe that we need more carbon neutral families in the world! Let us know in the comments what change you have made so that we can fully cheer you on!

Until next time, Malene.