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I have to confess that I am crazy about the farmhouse style on my homestead. I love adding little details that make our kitchen that much more hygge. Now none of these ideas involve a full kitchen makeover. We are currently renting our home, and creating a full farmhouse kitchen is just not in the cards for us.

This means that I have gone looking for the perfect small homestead kitchen decor ideas that will just bring that cozy vibe of hygge even more into our lives, in a budget friendly way.

5 cozy homestead kitchen ideas

Adding hygge to your homestead kitchen doesn’t have to be hard. Here are 10 hygge ideas that are bound to bring joy to any homestead kitchen.

1. Add curtains

Farmhouse kitchen sink with black and white curtains over it.
Consider adding curtains such as these for a more cosy feel in your kitchen.

Adding rustic modern curtains to your kitchen can be just the touch you need to make it feel more like home to you. Find more top rated curtain ideas on amazon here.

2. Find Kitchen canisters – homestead style

Living on a homestead we are lucky enough that we get to grow and preserve a lot of our own food. While I love the taste of the home grown food, I sometimes feel like the presentation of the homemade things could be better if I saved it in some of those cute canisters and not just in the regular old jars. One of the way that I try to make my kitchen look a little cooler is by adding canisters that are fun and pretty to look at.

Canisters with easy to change labels.

Canisters for sugar, coffee, tea and flour

Bigger canisters for storage, so cute!

Canisters for potato, onion and garlic

Classic container with simple labels.

Canisters for sugar, flour and coffee

Find more top rated canisters here.

3. Add homestead wall d├ęcor

If you have space on your walls, a small sign, like this one, or a shelf like this one, might just be the thing that adds a little extra to your kitchen. Now the important think about this is that you feel that the things you add is making you smile more. If you think its only for decoration and all you can imagine yourself doing is to dust it off, then don’t add it. Only bring in the things that makes you happy. Otherwise where is the hygge in that?

You can find more inspiration for homestead kitchen wall decor here.

4. Add a small kitchen island.

While the larger decor ideas are not for us at this time, one of the things that I am currently looking into finding is a small kitchen island that will expand the way our kitchen feels.

Modern homestead kitchen island with cabinet space

kitchen island that is movable and with cabinets underneeth

Walnut kitchen island with extra workspace

kitchen island in walnut

Pretty white kitchen island cart.

farmhouse kitchen island with wheels

5. Find a serving tray that fits your kitchen

Serving up food on a decorative tray is a great way to add that hygge feel to any kitchen. You can find great options for serving trays for under 25$ here.

What are some of your favorite things that you have added to your kitchen?

basket and cutlery in front of a wall