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Elderflowers and lemons in dutch oven, and sliced lemons on a cutting board

Elderflower Cordial

This is a recipe for simple elderflower cordial that you can make at home - for that summer taste for months to come
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 3 days
Course Drinks
Cuisine Danish


  • Container with air tight lid
  • Water boiler


  • 30 Elderflower heads
  • 3 Organic Lemons
  • 1,5 Pounds sugar
  • 2 tbsp citric acid (certified for food use)
  • 6 cups Boiling water


  • Pick the elderflowers where the flowers are all white and blossoming - Leave the ones with brown flowers to become beautiful elder berries.
  • Shake the elderflower heads, to remove small insects and leaves. (Dont wash them as all of the flavor is in the yellow powder that is on the flower heads. )
  • Cut the flowers off the step with a little of the stem left as possible.
  • Cut the lemons into slices.
  • Add elderflower heads and lemons to a bowl and cover with sugar. Add the citric asid to the mix.
  • Poor over the boiling water and stir it to make sure that all of the elderflowers are covered (careful as the water is very warm)
  • Cover the mix with an airtight lid, and leave it in a cool place for about 3 days (we leave in our cold room - but a garage or a cellar would work as well)
  • After 3 days - sift the mixture through a cloth, and add the cordial to rinsed, sanitized bottles.
  • Add about 3-4 parts of water to every part of Elderflower cordial - try and serve it over ice - its a fantastic summer drink.
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